Ep. #170: Elisa Medhus & Kim Babcock

Imagine losing your child to suicide and the grief and despair that follows.  It propelled Dr. Elisa Medhus on a search for answers about death, the afterlife and untethered spirits, many which came from an unexpected source.

She’s joined by spirit translator Kim Babcock to discuss their work on the project, Channeling Erik, named after Dr. Medhus’ 20-year-old son who took his life in 2009.




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One Reply to “Ep. #170: Elisa Medhus & Kim Babcock”

  1. Carla Svehla

    I know you are a Mom who lost your son so you will understand my question. I was listening to the video of Madeleine McCann. I heard you ask if she knew she was going to pass at this age. My question is “why would a child come into the world to break their parents heart?” I have felt like I lost my life when my child died. I can’t imagine that he would ever want to hurt us.
    Thank you.

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