Ep. #204: Mark Sargent & David Weiss – Flat Earth


Is the Earth flat or is it round?  We’ll debate that to the end with Mark Sargent and David Weiss, and whoever has the guts from the round earth perspective.  Also, what’s behind this growing movement?

Mark Sargent has a background as a professional computer gamer and software developer.  In 2014, he looked into what he calls “no doubt the most ridiculous conspiracy ever” and through extensive research has discovered that flat earth theory isn’t so laughable after all.

He has a YouTube channel and is author of “Flat Earth Clues: The Sky’s The Limit“.

David Weiss became a truth seeker in 2001 after 9/11 and discovered the earth is not a spinning ball flying through space.



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Plus John Jeter has Parabnormal News at the bottom of the hour.  He’ll report on the top UFO states, a crazy Bigfoot encounter, syncing the brain to a computer and more.  We’ll save the wackiest and creepiest for last.

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