Ep. #215: Paul Blake Smith, Carlo Armenise


The 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash, tales of the bizarre and unusual, and Jeremy outlines the June 24th Connection.

April 12th, 1941 at sundown, three gray aliens are said to have crash-landed their circular spaceship in a field outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in what is believed to be America’s first UFO crash.

In the second half of the program, we recount the events with Paul Blake Smith who was born and raised in Cape Girardeau and documents the case in “MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell“.

Carlo Armenise talks about the struggle of good vs. evil and his beliefs in the supernatural.  He writes short stories, screenplays and television episodes from horror and the supernatural to comedy.  His latest work is “Footsteps in the Dark: Stories of the Bizarre and Unusual“.










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In Parabnormal News with John Jeter at the bottom of the hour: new planetary discoveries, asteroid = catastrophe, 8th Wonder of the World?, a war in outer space, and animals predicting the future.

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