Ep. #222: Peter Robbins, Sean Bartok


Jeremy talks about how Facebook, Google and others are listening to our every move and that’s not so innocent.  Also, insider information on a deadly crash of secret military aircraft in the Nevada desert.

First half guest Sean Bartok shares intimate details of his family’s alien abduction experiences including documented prints in the snow as told in “Flashbacks: An Artist’s Memoir of Alien Abductions, Native Spirits, and Enlightenment“.

In the second half, UFO investigator and researcher Peter Robbins discusses his work in ufology and with Budd Hopkins, the Brooklyn Bridge UFO abductions, Travis Walton, Debbie Jordan and Betty and Barney Hill.  We also talked about the deaths of those involved in investigating the phenomenon and alien-UFO imagery in advertising.



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In Parabnormal News with John Jeter at the bottom of the hour: unexplained events connected to hurricanes, earthquakes and more, the Cassini mission comes to an end, “Bigfoot Juice”, sending frozen bodies to space and more.

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