Coming Up

January 20: Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark talks about their work including bringing brain-dead patients back to life.  Psychic Tristan Rimbaud reveals his 2018 predictions.

January 27: Filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov discusses the mystery of the Lake Champlain monster.  Researcher Danny Robins shares his travels across the United Kingdom investigating ghostly activity.

February 3: Experiencer Nancy Tremaine talks about reptilians introducing themselves to mankind.  Consciousness researcher Ilona Selke discusses sex with robots and asks “does it hurt our humanity”?

February 10: To Be Announced

February 17: Fortean researcher Lon Strickler shares witness accounts of Chicago’s winged humanoids, known as Mothman.  Ufologist and activist Norio Hayakawa talks about investigating Area 51 and Dulce, New Mexico.

February 24: To Be Announced

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