Changes at ITP

With some changes happening over the past few weeks and months, I wanted to clear a few things up.

It is always great hearing from you.  It makes doing this program so much more rewarding.  Several of you have contacted me recently about some of these changes, so here it goes.

First, let me say that listening to this program live will always remain free.

As we moved to a subscription podcast in January, our podcasts have slowly but surely disappeared from some of your favorite apps.  That is by design, as they don’t offer the ability to restrict content to non-members.  If those platforms are developed, we will consider submitting the podcast to those apps once again.

You are encouraged to listen live and interact, but we understand that you can’t always do so.

Therefore, if you like what you hear, how about subscribing for a few bucks a month?  You’ll always have access to the shows to listen when you want, and you’ll be supporting us.

As I’ve said previously, if we reach our membership goal, I will do more live shows.  (Hint, hint.  Wink, wink)  -:)

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