Jeremy Scott Assaulted & Nearly Robbed on Public Transit

PORTLAND, Ore. — Jeremy Scott was assaulted and nearly robbed of his computer while riding TriMet MAX around 12:43am on Saturday, April 25th, 2020.  The suspect has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges.

A man confronted Jeremy approaching the 60th Avenue stop, hit him 10-15 times as he was about to get off the train, and tried to rip his laptop off his arm while yelling, “Give me your shit”.

The MAX operator called for help as heard in this recording of the call:

Jeremy too called 911 after booking it up several flights of stairs.  Even though Jeremy clearly stated to the dispatcher what had happened and the train operator confirmed his story in her call, the responding officers were confused and didn’t grasp the entirety of the situation.  Jeremy told dispatch he was waiting down the street and the operator said she’d let the officers know.  I did not leave; I got a safe distance from the suspect and waited to be contacted by officers.

Between the original contact with the suspect and the end of my interview with an officer, the suspect was allowed to walk away, get on another train, and re-offend without being identified after he refused to give his name and told officers he’d fight them if they touched him.

UPDATE: The suspect was arrested April 28th on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Jeremy and Sergeant Kevin Allen, a former colleague of his and now Public Information Officer for the Portland Police Bureau, joined talk host Lars Larson on Monday.

Clyde Lewis, host of “Ground Zero” invited Jeremy to share his story:

Jeremy is a reporter for FM News 101 KXL, host of “Into The Parabnormal” radio show, the play-by-play voice of Warner Pacific University Basketball, and the Portland high school basketball on 1450 AM KBPS.

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  1. Very sorry to ear about this Jeremy. I am happy you are somewhat better. I am an avid listener of your program. Take care my friend. Dan from Cda

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