“Into The Parabnormal” Announces New Two-Hour Format

“Into The Parabnormal” can now be heard LIVE! on Saturdays from 7-9pm PT / 10pm-Mid ET.  Previously, the programed aired at 6pm PT / 9pm ET.

This new two-hour format is designed to attract nationally syndicated radio stations.

The show debuted as a two-hour program in July of 2016 before expanding to three hours in May 2017.

A replay of the previous week’s program can be heard Saturdays from 5-7pm PT / 8-10pm ET on our stream and some affiliates.

For those who desire more content, we invite you to subscribe to the commercial-free podcast for $4/month to be granted access to the shows without commercials and exclusive content coming soon.  We thank you for your support of the program!


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