Black Holes: 2nd Photo Released, Sounds Recorded

(PARABNORMAL NEWS) — The first picture of a black hole at the center of our galaxy has been revealed.  This makes two images of black holes captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.

NASA has also released the sounds that have been coming from a black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster.  The sounds were made by translating astronomical data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory into sound.  Galaxy clusters have a lot of gas that blanket the hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within it, providing a medium for sound waves to travel.

Scientists now dream of producing movies by repeatedly imaging black holes over months and years with hopes of showing their evolution.  But first, they need more data and technology.  Engineers are making upgrades so that astronomers will be able to switch observations on and off.  That begins in 2024 and scientists will need a few years to process the data into a movie.


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