“Into The Parabnormal” Rebrands Listening Experience

Things look a bit different around here as we have rebranded the listening experience to make streaming our shows easier with seamless transitions between the live stream and podcasts.  Improving our streaming audio players was step one.

Step two is introducing a new subscription service, PODCAST+.


  • For $5/month (USD), access our entire library of shows dating back to 2016 for streaming and members-only downloads with limited commercials, plus commercial-free exclusive episodes and bonus content.
  • Non-members are restricted to streaming only the last six months of shows (excluding exclusive episodes and bonus content) with more commercials.

How do I subscribe to PODCAST+?


Can I still listen for free?

Yes, we have always been committed to distributing our content for free and we still are.  Good news, we still have more than 50 episodes listed on the top podcast directories and all episodes remain forever available for free exclusively on our website under the ‘Podcasts’ page.  In addition, we have more than 200 podcasts on YouTube and will continue to grow our archive with older shows that pre-date the channel.  Additionally, we stream past shows 24/7 on the site and popular apps such as Paranormal Radio and TuneIn.  We also have affiliates who put their support behind the show where you can listen live with replays at various times throughout the week.

How do I subscribe to the free version?

Here: Free

Is there a new RSS feed?

Yes.  A private link will be provided for PODCAST+ subscribers to use in your podcast app.  We recommend Podcast Addict.  Make sure to select the ‘Premium’ option when subscribing to the feed and enter the credentials you provided upon sign-up.

Public RSS: Link

Why the switch?

Our goal is to drive more traffic to our website and YouTube channel.  As you know, we put a lot of time, effort and resources into each show.  By supporting us with your dollars or clicks, you are helping to keep us on the air.

Why limited commercials and not commercial free?

Because we think you might want in on deals that are exclusive for our listeners and hear about upcoming public events.

Is Patreon no more?

Yes.  We have pulled the plug.  Thank you to everyone who supported us over the years.


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