“Into The Parabnormal” is a long-form radio program hosted by Jeremy Scott streamed to radio affiliates and internet partners with coverage worldwide, discussing topics that are anything but mainstream… somewhere between abnormal and paranormal!

The program originated as “Parabnormal Radio” in June 2015 and ran for 23 episodes on Tuesdays weekly.

In November 2015, Jeremy turned his attention to hosting a syndicated radio program that ran three hours nightly for nearly 150 episodes, signing off on June 17, 2016.

He returned to his weekly format and moved the show to Saturdays as of July 9, 2016 and has surpassed 100,000 online listens and 50,000 downloads since the resurrection of the ‘Parabnormal’ brand.

All told, he has hosted more than 250 episodes and counting.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy has more than 15 years of experience in commercial radio in news, traffic and sports.  He does voice over work from his dungeon of a studio in Portland, Oregon.

He is the ultimate scrutinizer, yet a believer at heart and brings credibility to the authenticity of any claim that you may hear on the program.  He loves telling stories, engaging the mind, and making you think, maybe even challenge what you think you know.

Most of all, he wants to hear from you!  Because it is so much more interesting…