Ep. #302: Oregon Ghost Conference

March 30, 2019 Jeremy Scott 0

Live from the Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon with Michael White, Jay Verburg, Casey Goodwin & Ben Robison, Ross Allison & David Weatherly, Mary Bethune, Yitzhak Schlomi, and Marti Melville.

Ep. #300: Rocky Smith

March 16, 2019 Jeremy Scott 1

A tour of haunted Oregon hotspots, preview of the Oregon Ghost Conference, To The Stars Academy, airline passengers and crew getting sick, Navy Commander David Fravor, and the Pascagoula River UFO sighting and abduction.

Ep. #295: Dr. Michael Newton Keas

February 16, 2019 Jeremy Scott 0

Dr. Michael Newton Keas makes his case for debunking some of the most popular myths about science and religion. Plus Jeremy paints an alarming picture of what’s really going on in our skies.

Ep. #290: Year In Ufology

December 29, 2018 Jeremy Scott 0

Hear the biggest names in ufology as we ponder what’s really going on under our nose with Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Jeremy Corbell, Stephen Bassett, Dr. David Jacobs, Preston Dennett and Rey Hernandez.