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October 20: Calvin Parker documents a classic close encounter of being abducted and examined by humanoid figures on a craft in 1973 while fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi.  Then Rob and Trish MacGregor show us how to discover the power of synchronicity and the methods that connect us to loved ones in spirit.

October 27: On Jeremy’s “Halloween Spook” part one, Varla Ventura shares original tales of ghosts, seances and true hauntings.  Kasey and Brad Wallis tell the story of Brad’s near-death experience and being embraced by a collective of high light energy beings dedicated to empowering humanity.

October 28 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET: On part two of our “Halloween Spook”, we investigate the science behind the spirit world with Dr. Peter Sacco and the signs a place is haunted.  Mark Gober shares compelling evidence that the brain does not create consciousness.

November 3: We’ll delve into the science of astronomy with Steve Kates, aka “Dr. Sky”Ken Pfeifer digs into his extensive case files to share reports of UFO sightings and military encounters from around the world.