Coming Up

June 23Leonard David discusses the future of space exploration on Mars and plans for a space force.  Aaron Hunter tells stories of real paranormal activity.

June 24 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET: Laura Lyn talks about using her psychic abilities to make contact with angels, spirits and guides, the spiritual methods of ghost hunting and past life regression.

June 30: Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell shares her research on understanding human behavior and how the brain works.  Tom Pettit explores the history of extraterrestrial beings and humans since the beginning of time including government documentation.

July 7John DeSouza reveals where alien visitors are coming from and to where they are returning.  Nomar Slevik shares fascinating stories of sightings and abductions centered in the northeast’s UFO hotspots.

July 14: Karen A. Dahlman enlightens us on the practice of ouija and using it to talk to spirits.  Karen Noe channels the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and shares the communications of himself and other celestial beings from beyond.