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September 22Timothy Beckley and Tim Swartz discuss the state of ufology, investigating paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries.  Rev. Barry Downing shares manifestations of an extraterrestrial intelligence in the Old and New Testament.

September 29: We’ll entertain theories on the 1963 assassination of JFK with Paul Blake Smith and premonitions on the imminent deaths of Kennedy and Lincoln.  John Milor unveils a biblical perspective of supernatural entities, realms of existence and phenomenon.

September 30 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ETJohn Eagan recounts his experience with a full blown demonic apparition in his house.

October 6: TBA

October 13: TBA

October 20: Calvin Parker documents a classic close encounter of being abducted and examined by humanoid figures on a craft in 1973 while fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi.

October 27: Three-Hour Halloween Spook – Part One

October 28: Three-Hour Halloween Spook – Part Two