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TONIGHTLyn Buchanan gives us a crash course on controlled remote viewing to communicate with your subconscious mind.  Joshua Cutchin explores the history of supernatural child abductions.

August 18 @ 3PM PT / 6PM ET: We take the show on the road before a live audience at the Oregon Bigfoot Festival in Troutdale with Cliff Barackman, the Bigfoot Beast Mode Show featuring Bob Gimlin, Clyde Lewis and more!


August 25Jason Quitt shares his moments of sleep paralysis, out-of-body experiences, multi-dimensional time travel and more.  Rey Hernandez of FREE details the findings of the world’s first comprehensive academic research study on individuals who’ve had UFO related contact with non-human intelligence.

September 1Carl Nally & Dermot Butler brief us on a terrifying alien agenda in Ireland and beyond.  Second Half: TBA

September 8: Calvin Parker documents a classic close encounter of being abducted and examined by humanoid figures on a craft in 1973 while fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi.  Ernie Rivera tells another story of contact as two brothers and their friend go into the wilderness after hearing a crash and attempt to escape what they found.

September 15John Titor II speaks about commanding a combat group to eliminate an extraterrestrial threat to our planet and the 177th Time Travel Division at Area 51 from 2030 to 2036.

September 22Timothy Beckley and Tim Swartz discuss the state of ufology, investigating paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries.