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May 26: Terry Lovelace returns with the rest of the story of compelling proof of alien existence, alleged military involvement and an alien implant discovered accidentally on x-ray.

June 2: Nick Redfern details terrifying encounters with slenderman, shapeshifters, aliens, women in black and so much more.  Julie Brown from Tours of Old Town shares the legends, folklore, ghost stories and haunted history of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

June 9: We’ll step into another dimensional reality with Patty Greer as she breaks down her research on crop circles.

June 16Michael Mayes gives witness accounts of the black panther phenomenon and updates us on recent sightings.  E.G. Rowley takes us through an unconventional journey of time travel.

June 23: Aaron Hunter tells true stories of real paranormal activity.

June 24 @ 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET: Sunday Special TBA

June 30: TBA

July 7John DeSouza reveals where alien visitors are coming from and to where they are returning.  Nomar Slevik shares fascinating stories of sightings and abductions centered in the northeast’s UFO hotspots.

July 14: Karen A. Dahlman enlightens us on the practice of ouija and using it to talk to spirits.  Karen Noe channels the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and shares the communications of himself and other celestial beings from beyond.