News – April 2017

  • People Are Trolling Trump’s New Anti-Immigrant Hotline With Reports Of Space Aliens And The Government Is Not Amused
  • Coincidence? Simultaneous power outages give credence to cyber-doomsday scenarios
  • SETI’s Largest Project Reveals That 11 Signals From Space May Point to Aliens
  • SETI Scientists Could Survey a Million Star Systems by 2037, Lawmakers Are Told
  • Kurt Russell Recalls UFO Sighting in BBC Interview
  • Donald Trump Wants to Send Astronauts to Mars During His Presidency
  • Pakistani man surviving on fresh leaves for last 25 years, never falls ill
  • Billionaire bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse
  • Someone hacked every tornado siren in Dallas. It was loud.
  • Mystic who foretold Donald Trump presidency predicts EXACT date World War 3 will start
  • The Truth is Still Out There as ‘X-Files’ Returns

    VIDEO: Gorgeous Green Fireball Lights Up Western Sky

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