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  • Ep. #172: Eugene Braxton

    Eugene Braxton says the near-death experience and UFO/alien abduction riddles have been solved through his work with three world authorities.

  • Ep. #171: Peter Robbins

    Peter Robbins discusses the state of ufology, the silencing of a whistleblower on the Rendlesham Forest Incident, the cover-up and disinformation.

  • Ep. #170: Elisa Medhus & Kim Babcock

    Imagine losing your child to suicide and the grief and despair that follows. It propelled Dr. Elisa Medhus on a search for answers about death, the afterlife and untethered spirits, many which came from an unexpected source. She's joined by spirit translator Kim Babcock to discuss their work on the project, Channeling Erik, named after Dr. Medhus' 20-year-old son who took his life in 2009.

  • Ep. #169: Christopher Garetano

    Venture into the unknown and a study of fear, lies, paranoia and the truth with independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano, Executive Producer of "Montauk Chronicles". The films tells the story of Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols who say they were brainwashed and forced against their will by a clandestine organization to take part in secret experiments along with nearly 100,000 other children.

  • Ep. #168: Grant Cameron & Bob Mitchell

    Canadian researchers Grant Cameron and Bob Mitchell discuss disclosure, UFO/ET close encounters, abductions, the Clinton's and office of President of the United States. Grant told of his own possible abduction in 1975 and the connection between musicians and UFO's. Bob shared stories that witnesses have trusted him to document.

  • Ep. #167: Keith Linder, Steve Mera & Don Philips

    It's an exclusive like nobody else can deliver on the Washington State Poltergeist House, a "haunted" property in the city of Bothell. The homeowner Keith Linder and researchers Steve Mera and Don Philips join Jeremy to share new developments and evidence including EVP's.

  • Ep. #166: Ken Pfeifer

    In his return to the mic, Jeremy brought a little new to mix in with the old. MUFON investigator Ken Pfeifer resumed his UFO sightings report.  We discussed sightings in France, Quebec, Argentina, Louisiana, Illinois and New Jersey, plus the contact case of Jackie Gleason.

  • Jeremy Is Back For More!

    Jeremy Scott returns with his new, old show, “Into the Parabnormal” coming July 9th to Internet streaming and radio stations. Back in Oregon from that Texas debacle, make sure you’re […]

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