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    Ep. #179: Laura Powers

    Our conversation with Laura Powers touches on the dead, afterlife, angels and more. Jeremy shared recent news headlines that would leave one to believe that lots of dark and intense things are coming. Also, artificial intelligence and consciousness.

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    Ep. #178: Bob Mitchell | Bill Bean

    The world lost a fantastic writer and amazing person this week when Bob Mitchell passed just a month after revealing that he had cancer.  I’ll cherish the times we had on the radio and our final chat with him just a few months ago was no exception. Bill Bean tells the story of how evil forces ripped apart his family, the differences between spiritual deliverance and the Catholic rite of exorcism, possession vs. oppression, and the best techniques for ridding one of the like. Jeremy gives his take on a mystery boom, tracking asteroids, alien attack, and to believe or not believe in psychics.

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    Ep. #177: Dr. Jim Roach

    We discuss near-death experiences, the Zika virus and get a presidential health check-up of nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from Dr. Jim Roach. Jeremy asks “why do we need an alien life form facility?” and talks about strange phenomenon in two England cities, UFO-proofing vehicles, and Loch Ness Monster.

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    Ep. #176: Janet Boyer

    We look into whether tarot, astrology and divination have a connection to our lives with Janet Boyer. Plus Jeremy reacts to a conspiracy theory that aliens are fighting ISIS, an asteroid encounter, fireball sighting, time travel theories and more.

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    Ep. #175: Seth Shostak | Rey Hernandez

    We reach into the vault for a classic show with two men who have much different views on the search for non-human intelligence. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute discusses the organization and their search for alien life. Rey Hernandez, co-founder of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters talks about the life and legacy of the sixth man on the moon and his personal encounters. Plus Jeremy reacts to an “alien” signal, close call with an asteroid, artificial intelligence and more.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #174: Preston Dennett

    Ep. #174: Preston Dennett

    We’ll cover a lot of ground with Preston Dennett from ET’s, UFO’s and abductions, the UFO breathing pool, alien drinks and more.