Tag: Artificial Intelligence

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #353: Hacked w/ J. Eduardo Campos

    Ep. #353: Hacked w/ J. Eduardo Campos

    J. Eduardo Campos sounds the alarm on the hacking of smart devices and using artificial intelligence to fight hackers.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #232: D.B. Stearns | Ron Morehead

    Ep. #232: D.B. Stearns | Ron Morehead

    Ancient mysteries, evolution, the sounds of Sasquatch encounters, AI breakthroughs and more.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #209: L.A. Marzulli | Ken Pfeifer

    Ep. #209: L.A. Marzulli | Ken Pfeifer

    On the three-hour debut, we discuss UFO accounts, discoveries on Mars, Nessie and voice manipulation. L.A. Marzulli talks about how religion is dealing with UFO’s, a connection to end times, the “cat and mouse” game of disclosure, new information about Roswell involving entities with six fingers and a retired pilot’s 7-minute encounter in the air. Ken Pfeifer details reports of ‘alien craft’ from Oregon, Washington and California, and a possible craft on Mars.  He also discusses the story of former NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden that led to his resignation. And we ask Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Register if Nessie has returned as a tourist in Scotland claims.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #188: Chase Kloetzke & Kerry McClure

    Ep. #188: Chase Kloetzke & Kerry McClure

    We talk about the things that are not supposed to exist and more with Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure of The Field Reports. Jeremy reveals more of the AI takeover, more booming and shaking, sexy UFO’s, phobias, and was Fidel Castro a victim of the Clinton body count?

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #179: Laura Powers

    Ep. #179: Laura Powers

    Our conversation with Laura Powers touches on the dead, afterlife, angels and more. Jeremy shared recent news headlines that would leave one to believe that lots of dark and intense things are coming. Also, artificial intelligence and consciousness.