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  • Thumbnail for Ep. #256: McMENAMINS UFO FEST 2018

    Ep. #256: McMENAMINS UFO FEST 2018

    Jeremy takes the show on the road to the 19th annual McMenamins UFO Fest in McMinnville, Oregon. This small town is notorious for the 1950 sighting witnessed by husband and wife Paul and Evelyn Trent on their farm. 

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #246: BIGFOOT PRINTS w/ Cliff Barackman & Chris Minniear

    Ep. #246: BIGFOOT PRINTS w/ Cliff Barackman & Chris Minniear

    Bigfoot researchers Cliff Barackman and Chris Minniear analyze the recent discovery of Bigfoot prints found on a futon mattress in Oregon and what the evidence shows. Also, Jeremy plays chilling audio of advancements in vocal manipulation.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #232: SASQUATCH SOUNDS w/ Ron Morehead | HARMONIC WARS w/ D.B. Stearns

    Ep. #232: SASQUATCH SOUNDS w/ Ron Morehead | HARMONIC WARS w/ D.B. Stearns

    Ron Morehead shares his Bigfoot encounters, audio recordings of what he says are the sounds of Sasquatch and we discussed some of their characteristics. D.B. Stearns discusses the discovery of ancient mysteries, evolution and more. Jeremy talks about more breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, whatever happened to the Flat Earth rocket launch, and a mission to fight “Lizard” people.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #218: Parabnormal Pandemonium 2

    Ep. #218: Parabnormal Pandemonium 2

    On a night where anything goes, we heard from listeners sharing their experiences about all sorts of phenomena. Jeremy ranted about fake news, the mummies and artificial intelligence.  He also spent some time talking about superhumans battling robots and the eclipse. Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report shared his theory that we are helping to program AI and that the robots could be programmed to kill us.  Deb called to ask Jeremy his thoughts on poltergeist and told us of her experiences.  Felicity shared her favorite conspiracy theory about Propaganda Due.  Joe Rupe from Lighting The Void added to the conspiracy topic that Bill Hicks’ death was faked and he’s dressed up as Alex Jones to spread disinformation for the CIA.  Terri shared an eerie ghost story involving a suicide, blood spot and her dog.  John Jeter, host of Parabnormal News stopped by for a few minutes to discuss the rods and Bigfoot.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #197: Larry Arnold | Debbie Viguie

    Ep. #197: Larry Arnold | Debbie Viguie

    Larry Arnold speaks about the strange occurrence known as spontaneous human combustion. We also talk with Debbie Viguie about encountering a demon, working with individuals in spiritual warfare, how they manifest differently across religions, recognizing the signs of oppression and possession and more. Also, Jeremy discusses the legitimacy of finding and killing Bigfoot, fingerprint identity theft and more.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

    Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

    We heard from you with your real-life experiences, stories and theories.  Jeremy talked conspiracy involving mysterious illnesses affecting hospitals and flight attendants. Gene shared his take on near-death experiences and how they have a connection to UFO’s and alien abductions. Felicity told us her favorite conspiracy theory. John Jeter of Parabnormal News called to talk about the rods, seeing Bigfoot and his belief in them.