Ep. #178: Bob Mitchell | Bill Bean

The world lost a fantastic writer and amazing person this week when Bob Mitchell passed just a month after revealing that he had cancer.  I’ll cherish the times we had on the radio and our final chat with him just a few months ago was no exception. Bill Bean tells the story of how evil forces ripped apart his family, the differences between spiritual deliverance and the Catholic rite of exorcism, possession vs. oppression, and the best techniques for ridding one of the like. Jeremy gives his take on a mystery boom, tracking asteroids, alien attack, and to believe or not believe in psychics.

Ep. #168: Grant Cameron & Bob Mitchell

Canadian researchers Grant Cameron and Bob Mitchell discuss disclosure, UFO/ET close encounters, abductions, the Clinton’s and office of President of the United States. Grant told of his own possible abduction in 1975 and the connection between musicians and UFO’s. Bob shared stories that witnesses have trusted him to document.