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    Ep. #446: sQuatch Fest 2021

    LIVE! from sQuatch Fest in Longview, Washington, Jeremy Scott talks about the latest in Bigfoot research with Ken Gerhard, Wayne Stapleton, Dr. J. Robert Alley, Ron Meyer & Alan Megargle, Craig Yahne, and Clyde Lewis.

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    Ep. #306: Ryan Gable | Clyde Lewis

    How technology can be used as a weapon, Amazon listening to our conversations, Momo, programmed events and symbolism.

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    Ep. #271: Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    Live from the 2nd annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival in Troutdale, Oregon, Jeremy talks with Cliff Barackman, Clyde Lewis, Jerry Bell Jr., Bigfoot Beast Mode Show, The Bigfoot Project, Shawn Englemann and Emmy Blue with audience participation.

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    Ep. #256: McMenamins UFO Fest 2018

    Jeremy takes the show on the road to the 19th annual McMenamins UFO Fest in McMinnville, Oregon. This small town is notorious for the 1950 sighting witnessed by husband and wife Paul and Evelyn Trent on their farm.