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    Ep. #206: Justin Barber

    Director Justin Barber tells the story of “Phoenix Forgotten” about three teens who went into the desert looking for the truth about The Phoenix Lights hoping to document the “most mysterious UFO sighting ever” on March 13th, 1997 and were never seen again. Jeremy told his latest story of a personal paranormal event and discussed signs that a place can be haunted.

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    Ep. #204: Mark Sargent & David Weiss

    Is the Earth flat or is it round? We’ll debate that to the end with flat earth believers Mark Sargent and David Weiss. Also, what’s behind this growing movement?

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    Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

    We heard from you on Parabnormal Pandemonium with your real-life experiences, stories and theories. Also Jeremy talks conspiracy involving mysterious illnesses affecting hospitals and flight attendants. Gene shared his take on near-death experiences and how they have a connection to UFO’s and alien abductions. Felicity told us her favorite conspiracy theory. John Jeter of Parabnormal called to talk about the rods, which was supposed to be our topic with Jose Escamilla, who could not appear last-minute. He also talked about seeing Bigfoot and his belief in them.