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  • Ep. #354: I Know What I Saw w/ Linda Godfrey

    Linda Godfrey tells of present-day encounters with mysterious creatures of old.

  • Ep. #315: Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest

    Live from the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest in Baker City, Oregon, Jeremy speaks with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Scot Violette and hosts a Bigfoot Town Hall.

  • Live Broadcast from the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest

    Jeremy takes the show on the road to Eastern Oregon for a live broadcast from the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest in Baker City, Oregon this Saturday, June 15th. We'll speak with Dr. Jeff Meldrum and hear about the numerous Bigfoot sightings in the Blue Mountains during a Town Hall. Don't miss our live broadcast on Saturday, June 15th at the special time of 4-7pm PT / 7-10pm ET!

  • Ep. #246: Cliff Barackman & Chris Minniear

    An analysis of Bigfoot prints found in Oregon with two of the researchers who documented the evidence.

  • Ep. #240: Lon Strickler | Norio Hayakawa

    The Mothman dynasty, UFO's and alien bases, and the deadly flu.

  • Ep. #196: Kelly Milner Halls | Ken Pfeifer

    What if hackers are sending hidden messages to take over our phones?  Maybe those phantom vibrations are not just our imagination. We discussed Bigfoot and some of the other not so well-known cryptids with researcher Kelly Milner Halls, along with accounts of UFO's and aliens. Ken Pfeifer gave his take on the deaths of ufologists, and various news items involving UFO's in addition to sharing his strange findings from Mars

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