Ep. #223: True Paranormal | David Meade

We hear from real people with true stories of the paranormal.  Plus Jeremy talks about the end of the world prediction from David Meade and we replay part of a conversation with Meade talking Planet X and our demise. Eugene Braxton chatted about Planet X and the weird stuff that happens when we’re alone, John Jeter from Parabnormal News discussed the Gray Man and a Bigfoot experience while hunting, Joe Rupe of Lighting The Void shared witnessing a star do some weird stuff after dabbling in the occult, and G.G. from Shift Happens recounted an experience of missing time, Dave Cruz shared an experience in a haunted house, Rich Giordano told of a doppelganger and left us with a creepy voice that could cause nightmares.

Ep. #194: David Meade

David Meade discusses why he feels that 2017 is the year that the elusive Planet X will arrive and what that means for human civilization including a pole shift. Also, what’s Facebook doing reading our minds and some even wilder stories.