Ep. #334: UFO Eyewitness w/ Chris Brown, Michael Orrell & Mike Robinson

Three separate UFO eyewitnesses open up about their personal experiences.  Chris Brown details a close encounter in Oregon from 2011, Michael Orrell documents a cluster of UFO’s in California in 1990, and Mike Robinson shares his experiences with lights in Arizona and a craft near New Mexico from 2016.

Ep. #324: UFO Crash Discourse w/ Lon Strickler & Jeremy Meador

Jeremy states why we are living in the age of disclosure of the alien and ufo phenomena. Lon Strickler examines the stories of experiencers who are exposing the reality of an alien disclosure. Jeremy Meador discusses his research into cases of flying saucer crashes, collisions and landings.

Ep. #317: David J. Moore | Dr. Dan Farcas

Jeremy tips the scale even more towards UFO disclosure. David J. Moore explores the occult, esoteric, imaginative and creative speculations that have resonated around the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Dan Farcas details how technologically advanced beings from outside our solar system are visiting Earth and why we are not advanced enough to deal with it.