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  • Ep. #407: Beyond The Politics of UFOs w/ Grant Cameron

    Grant Cameron explores gateways to the paranormal world that experiencers use to transcend the waking states of reality into realms of the magical and mystical, making contact with non-human intelligence, portals and how the U.S. government may be working on this technology.

  • Ep. #247: Grant Cameron | Ken Pfeifer

    Grant Cameron shines light on the paranormal world of music and what the message might be.  Also, an update on his research of Latino UFO contactees who are able to communicate with aliens. MUFON investigator Ken Pfeifer returns with more UFO sightings reports including a Strange Encounter With Mysterious Craft Over Arizona.

  • Ep. #230: Grant Cameron | Tyler Rogoway

    UFO sightings in Southern Manitoba, a mysterious aircraft in the skies over Oregon, NDE's and Open Lines with listener stories.

  • Ep. #212: Grant Cameron

    So you think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFO's?  Grant Cameron reveals what's really happening and who's behind it.   He also talks about a president being abducted, the coming revelation of a portal and much more. Jeremy says he's fed up with how the media continues to fall for fake UFO news, and is a message of nuclear war taking over prime-time television another sign of what's to come?

  • Ep. #168: Grant Cameron & Bob Mitchell

    Canadian researchers Grant Cameron and Bob Mitchell discuss disclosure, UFO/ET close encounters, abductions, the Clinton's and office of President of the United States. Grant told of his own possible abduction in 1975 and the connection between musicians and UFO's. Bob shared stories that witnesses have trusted him to document.

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