Ep. #212: Grant Cameron – Presidential UFO Disclosure

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE So you think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFO’s?  We discuss what’s really happening and who’s behind it.  Also Jeremy is fed up with how the media continues to fall for fake UFO news, and is a message of nuclear war taking over prime-time television another sign … Read moreEp. #212: Grant Cameron – Presidential UFO Disclosure

Ep. #168: Grant Cameron & Bob Mitchell

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE Two of the top Canadian researchers discussed disclosure, UFO/ET close encounters, abductions, the Clinton’s and office of President of the United States. Grant Cameron became involved in ufology in 1975 after witnessing a series of sightings across Manitoba known as Charlie Red Star.  After compiling evidence on the ground, he turned his … Read moreEp. #168: Grant Cameron & Bob Mitchell