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  • Aftermath Ep. #1: RFID’s w/ James Ponder

    James Ponder dives into his research on radio frequency identification devices (RFID's) and how they're being used as trackers to invade our privacy in this "smart" era.

  • Ep. #428: UAP: A Patented Affair w/ James Ponder

    James Ponder digs into the technology behind UFO patents and we discuss the “drone” sightings that have recently come to light.

  • Ep. #397: A Survival State of Mind w/ James Ponder

    With people losing everything due to COVID-19, wildfires and natural disasters, and others fearing the worst because of climate change, nuclear war and EMP, survival has never been more crucial in modern days. James Ponder shares vital information on survival, disaster preparedness, the threat of electromagnetic pulse, directed energy weapons and more.

  • Ep. #316: James Ponder | John Jeter Tribute

    James Ponder discusses the threat of an EMP, vulnerabilities of the power grid and internet, and how we can protect ourselves. Plus our tribute to John Jeter, host of Parabnormal News.

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