Ep. #376: Demons In Seattle – The Rebuttal w/ Keith Linder, Karissa Hartley, Don Philips, Rich Schleifer

Keith Linder of the Washington State Poltergeist House a.k.a. “Demons In Seattle” case returns with Karissa Hartley, Don Philips and Rich Schleifer to dispute the claims of Zak Bagans and “Ghost Adventures” crew once and for all.

Ep. #189: Keith Linder | Lisa Moulden | Peter Robbins

We do justice to Keith Linder’s story about his haunted Washington state property and get closer to the bottom of this mystery. Keith reveals the source of writings on his walls and we discuss the link to Native American heritage. Lisa Moulden claims she captured a picture of George Washington’s ghost at Middleton Tavern in Maryland. She also reaches inside the souls of our presidents and discusses ghostly happenings in Ellicott City, Maryland. Peter Robbins reacts to developments with an Air Force officer revealing himself as a witness to the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980.

Ep. #167: Keith Linder, Steve Mera & Don Philips

It’s an exclusive like nobody else can deliver on the Washington State Poltergeist House, a “haunted” property in the city of Bothell. The homeowner Keith Linder and researchers Steve Mera and Don Philips join Jeremy to share new developments and evidence including EVP’s.