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  • Thumbnail for Ep. #371: To The Moon… And Back w/ Leonard David & Nancy Atkinson

    Ep. #371: To The Moon… And Back w/ Leonard David & Nancy Atkinson

    Leonard David digs into the science and technology behind the rush to inhabit the Moon. Nancy Atkinson takes us behind-the-scenes of NASA’s Apollo missions.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #367: Dark Fleet w/ Len Kasten

    Ep. #367: Dark Fleet w/ Len Kasten

    Len Kasten reveals the Nazi-Reptilian infiltration of the U.S. government, their secret space program and slave colonies throughout the solar system.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #287: Brian Weimer | Lee Austin

    Ep. #287: Brian Weimer | Lee Austin

    Is there some truth to the biggest conspiracy theories of our time like flat earth and the lunar missions? And a revelation from Lucifer.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #282: Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright | Dr. Sky

    Ep. #282: Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright | Dr. Sky

    Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright discusses people having direct experience with extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings and proposes that’s the missing factor in space exploration. “Dr. Sky” Steve Kates talks the science of astronomy in a far-reaching conversation on everything from asteroids, the planets, moon, sun and stars.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #218: Parabnormal Pandemonium 2

    Ep. #218: Parabnormal Pandemonium 2

    On a night where anything goes, we heard from listeners sharing their experiences about all sorts of phenomena. Jeremy ranted about fake news, the mummies and artificial intelligence. He also spent some time talking about superhumans battling robots and the eclipse. Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report shared his theory that we are helping to program AI and that the robots could be programmed to kill us. Deb called to ask Jeremy his thoughts on poltergeist and told us of her experiences.  Felicity shared her favorite conspiracy theory about Propaganda Due. Joe Rupe from Lighting The Void added to the conspiracy topic that Bill Hicks’ death was faked and he’s dressed up as Alex Jones to spread disinformation for the CIA. Terri shared an eerie ghost story involving a suicide, blood spot and her dog. John Jeter, host of Parabnormal News stopped by for a few minutes to discuss the Rods and Bigfoot.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #209: L.A. Marzulli | Ken Pfeifer

    Ep. #209: L.A. Marzulli | Ken Pfeifer

    On the three-hour debut, we discuss UFO accounts, discoveries on Mars, Nessie and voice manipulation. L.A. Marzulli talks about how religion is dealing with UFO’s, a connection to end times, the “cat and mouse” game of disclosure, new information about Roswell involving entities with six fingers and a retired pilot’s 7-minute encounter in the air. Ken Pfeifer details reports of ‘alien craft’ from Oregon, Washington and California, and a possible craft on Mars.  He also discusses the story of former NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden that led to his resignation. And we ask Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Register if Nessie has returned as a tourist in Scotland claims.