Ep. #200: Preston Dennett, ET & UFO Contact

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE We go deep into true stories of extraterrestrial UFO contact on Jeremy’s 200th program. Also, are UFO sightings really at an all-time high? And is the Oscars flub proof of an alternate reality or computer simulation? Have you wondered about those stories of extraordinary contact and wondered if they were real?  Preston … Read moreEp. #200: Preston Dennett, ET & UFO Contact

Ep. #174: Preston Dennett

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE Jeremy’s first Sunday special will cover a lot of ground… ET’s, UFO’s and abductions, the UFO breathing pool, alien drinks and so much more with paranormal investigator and ghost hunter Preston Dennett. When Preston’s family, friends and co-workers shared their dramatic unexplained encounters with him, he began a quest for answers.  Since … Read moreEp. #174: Preston Dennett