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  • Ep. #413: Merry Christ Mas w/ Reena Kumarasingham & Father Mike Paraniuk

    Reena Kumarasingham illuminates the secret stories of the early Christian church and divine consciousness. Father Mike Paraniuk shares some of the Catholic church's Christmas traditions.

  • Ep. #304: Leon Bibi

    Leon Bibi explores human origin, UFO's, pyramids, religion and science and the suppression of its proof. Plus Jeremy talks about Momo and news of the parabnormal.

  • Ep. #295: Dr. Michael Newton Keas

    Dr. Michael Newton Keas makes his case for debunking some of the most popular myths about science and religion. Plus Jeremy paints an alarming picture of what's really going on in our skies.

  • Ep. #275: Timothy Green Beckley, Tim Swartz & Rev. Barry Downing

    From the alien agenda to extraterrestrial manifestations.

  • Ep. #211: Rev. Michael J.S. Carter | Jaclyn Gutleber

    Rev. Michael J.S. Carter discusses his encounters with grays, reptilians and Nordics and how these events healed him.  Also, what the Bible and Koran say about aliens and UFO's, Christianity, disclosure, end of the world, fake news and more. Jeremy opens our eyes to how telepathy is being used and how it could be used against mankind.  Also, is there something we are not aware of yet that is killing half of the population?  And a story that might be too raw to be true. Jaclyn Gutleber delves into angelic communications, shares her out-of-body experience, leads us on a guided meditation and talks about its benefits.

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