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  • Ep. #391: Don’t Call Me Bigfoot w/ Jeremy Norrie

    Jeremy Norrie, Director and Co-Producer of "Don't Call Me Bigfoot", delves into the mythology, sightings and people who search out the mysterious being known as Sasquatch.

  • Ep. #360: Bigfoot, Aliens & UFOs: Oh My! w/ Ron Meyer & Jason McLean

    Ron Meyer theorizes that Bigfoot is paraphysical with the ability to shapeshift and is connected to aliens and paranormal phenomenon. Jason McLean proposes that UFO's and Bigfoot prove the Bible is true.

  • Ep. #352: Native American Bigfoot w/ Mel Skahan

    Mel Skahan shares the Native American history of Bigfoot and the story of collecting hair from what he believes to be a Sasquatch nest.

  • Ep. #351: sQuatch Fest

    Jeremy broadcasts LIVE! from sQuatch Fest in Longview, Washington hosted by the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce. Guests: Huckleberry, Jeffro and Wild Bill from Travel Channel's "Mountain Monsters", Bob Gimlin of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, Craig Yahne of Pacific North West Sasquatch Research Group, Clyde Lewis, host of "Ground Zero".

  • Live! Broadcast From sQuatch Fest

    Jeremy Scott is taking the show back on the road and for the first time we'll broadcast live from sQuatch Fest at the Cowlitz County Event Center in Longview, Washington! The event is hosted by the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce. Don’t miss our live broadcast on Friday, January 24th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET!

  • Ep. #326: Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    Live from the 3rd annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival in Troutdale, Oregon, Jeremy speaks with Mel Skahan, Paul Graves, Sarah Lemos, Shane Corson, Clyde Lewis, James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman with audience questions.

  • Live From The 3rd Annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    The 3rd annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival happens on Saturday, August 17th at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale, Oregon and “Into The Parabnormal” will be broadcasting live at the special time of 2-5pm PT / 5-8pm ET. We’ll see you there... let's get squatchy!

  • Ep. #315: Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest

    Live from the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest in Baker City, Oregon, Jeremy speaks with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Scot Violette and hosts a Bigfoot Town Hall.

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