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  • Ep. #417: Oumuamua: Where Are You? w/ Avi Loeb

    Harvard University Astronomer Avi Loeb lays out his controversial theory that our solar system was recently visited by advanced alien technology from a distant star on an object known as Oumuamua. Jeremy tells us why he believes the evidence that we have been visited is overwhelming.

  • Ep. #399: Dark Universe w/ Dr. James Beacham

    Dr. James Beacham, particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider, takes us behind-the-scenes at CERN where Big Bang machines are being used to explore the dark side of the universe.

  • Ep. #367: Dark Fleet w/ Len Kasten

    Len Kasten reveals the Nazi-Reptilian infiltration of the U.S. government, their secret space program and slave colonies throughout the solar system.

  • Ep. #194: David Meade

    David Meade discusses why he feels that 2017 is the year that the elusive Planet X will arrive and what that means for human civilization including a pole shift. Also, what's Facebook doing reading our minds and some even wilder stories.

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