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  • Ep. #406: Dead Air w/ San Diego Paranormal & Memphis Ghost Investigations

    On this All Hallows' Eve, we send shivers down your spine with bone-chilling encounters with the departed. Nicole Strickland and Ali Schreiber of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society share their investigations of haunted hotspots including the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe and the Queen Mary. Stephen Williams of Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue discusses the group's work in the specialized area of helping spirits move on.

  • Ep. #392: The Oman House Virtual Paracon Ghost Hunt w/ David Oman

    David Oman joins us from The Oman House which sits 150 feet from where Sharon Tate and four guests were murdered in 1969.  David is hosting the Virtual Paracon Ghost Hunt on August 21st and 22nd.

  • Ep. #337: Ghosts of Cielo Drive w/ David Oman

    50 years after the 1969 murders on Cielo Drive, David Oman tells us why he’s convinced that the victims still haunt his residence in Beverly Hills.

  • Ep. #308: Seth Michael | Claire Waters

    Seth Michael shares messages from loved ones who have passed and discusses his work helping spirits cross into the light.  Claire Waters opens up about her family’s extraordinary experiences with deceased spirits.

  • Ep. #303: Oregon Ghost Conference

    Live from the 8th annual Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside with Pete Orbea, Ryan Mick, Russ Marquez, Tim Ferry, and William Becker.

  • Ep. #302: Oregon Ghost Conference

    Live from the Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon with Michael White, Jay Verburg, Casey Goodwin & Ben Robison, Ross Allison & David Weatherly, Mary Bethune, Yitzhak Schlomi, and Marti Melville.

  • Ep. #300: Rocky Smith

    A tour of haunted Oregon hotspots, preview of the Oregon Ghost Conference, To The Stars Academy, airline passengers and crew getting sick, Navy Commander David Fravor, and the Pascagoula River UFO sighting and abduction.

  • Ep. #292: Dr. Rita Louise | Dan Baldwin, Rhonda & Dwight Hull

    Medical intuition, energy healing and human origins, the history and conversations with spirits of the old west.

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