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    Ep. #476: SHADOW BAN

    You’re not alone if you’ve noticed social media is not reaching as many people anymore. This is known as a shadow ban. Whether it’s because the content doesn’t fit an agenda or there’s a concerted effect to promote certain content over others, there’s no doubt it is happening in secret and it’s not being applied equitably.

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    Ep. #314: 5G w/ Jim Lee | Conspiracies w/ Richard Syrett

    Jim Lee sounds the alarm on the dangers of 5G exposure and electromagnetic frequencies. Richard Syrett takes us down the conspiracy rabbit hole from secret societies to the Moon landing and more. Plus Jeremy discusses the further censorship by YouTube.

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    Ep. #293: Sunday Open Lines

    It’s Open Lines… any parabnormal topic! YouTube is censoring “conspiracy” videos. What do you believe in and what do you find phony? Or anything else on your mind…