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    Ep. #434: A Conscious Reality w/ Rey Hernandez

    Rey Hernandez presents the hypothesis that contact experiences are interrelated via non-local consciousness, a manipulation of space-time and a possible multidimensional reality which has spiritual implications.

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    Ep. #272: Jason Quitt | Rey Hernandez

    Portals and our multidimensional reality, the science of consciousness and contact with non-human intelligence, and more.

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    Ep. #187: D.B. Stearns

    D.B. Stearns talks standardized tuning and the pyramids in relationship to a story of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for the ultimate control of the universe. He also told of his neighbor defending his property and the legal battle that has ensued. Jeremy revisits the clown craze and entertains what Hillary Clinton being denied the White House might mean for ET/UFO disclosure.