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  • Thumbnail for Ep. #230: MANITOBA UFO WAVE w/ Grant Cameron | OREGON UFO SIGHTING w/ Tyler Rogoway

    Ep. #230: MANITOBA UFO WAVE w/ Grant Cameron | OREGON UFO SIGHTING w/ Tyler Rogoway

    Grant Cameron shares tales of a wave of UFO sightings that struck southern Manitoba in 1975-76. We also discuss communicating with aliens, the consciousness-UFO connection and near-death studies. We detail an encounter with a mysterious aircraft in the skies over Oregon on the afternoon of October 25th, 2017 with aviation expert Tyler Rogoway including audio from air traffic control. During Open Lines, callers relayed their near-death experiences and an out-of-body experience that included telepathic communication.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #219: Mark O’Connell| Dr. Laurin Bellg

    Ep. #219: Mark O’Connell| Dr. Laurin Bellg

    Mark O’Connell, the official biographer of Dr. J Allen Hynek shares Hynek’s life story. Dr. Laurin Bellg talks about her work with patients who have had near-death experiences. Also, the passing of Jim Marrs, a shock fireball video, NASA hiring a planetary protection officer and more.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

    Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

    We heard from you with your real-life experiences, stories and theories.  Jeremy talked conspiracy involving mysterious illnesses affecting hospitals and flight attendants. Gene shared his take on near-death experiences and how they have a connection to UFO’s and alien abductions. Felicity told us her favorite conspiracy theory. John Jeter of Parabnormal News called to talk about the rods, seeing Bigfoot and his belief in them.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #177: Dr. Jim Roach

    Ep. #177: Dr. Jim Roach

    We discuss near-death experiences, the Zika virus and get a presidential health check-up of nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from Dr. Jim Roach. Jeremy asks “why do we need an alien life form facility?” and talks about strange phenomenon in two England cities, UFO-proofing vehicles, and Loch Ness Monster.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #172: Eugene Braxton

    Ep. #172: Eugene Braxton

    Eugene Braxton claims to have solved the near-death experience and UFO/alien abduction riddles through his work with three world authorities.