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    Ep. #464: NUKED BY UFOs w/ Peter Robbins

    Retired Air Force officers recently exposed the history of UFO incursions on military bases with nuclear weapons at a press conference in Washington, D.C.  It has been well documented over the decades that unidentified objects have mucked with and disarmed nuclear missiles. Peter Robbins briefs us on these incursions and discusses the implications for humanity.

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    Ep. #222: Peter Robbins | Sean Bartok

    Peter Robbins discusses his work in ufology, the Brooklyn Bridge UFO abductions, Travis Walton, Debbie Jordan and Betty and Barney Hill. We also talked about the deaths of those involved in investigating the phenomenon and alien-UFO imagery in advertising. Sean Bartok shares intimate details of his family’s alien abduction experiences including documented prints in the snow. Jeremy talks about how Facebook, Google and others are listening to our every move and that’s not so innocent. Also, insider information on a deadly crash of secret military aircraft in the Nevada desert.

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    Ep. #189: Keith Linder | Lisa Moulden | Peter Robbins

    We do justice to Keith Linder’s story about his haunted Washington state property and get closer to the bottom of this mystery. Keith reveals the source of writings on his walls and we discuss the link to Native American heritage. Lisa Moulden claims she captured a picture of George Washington’s ghost at Middleton Tavern in Maryland. She also reaches inside the souls of our presidents and discusses ghostly happenings in Ellicott City, Maryland. Peter Robbins reacts to developments with an Air Force officer revealing himself as a witness to the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980.

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    Ep. #171: Peter Robbins

    Peter Robbins discusses the state of ufology, the silencing of a whistleblower on the Rendlesham Forest incident, cover-ups and disinformation.