Ep. #186: Jack Brewer


We explore how deception, sensationalism and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre and distort public perception of the phenomenon with researcher and writer, Jack Brewer.  Also, Jeremy touches on what’s ahead for Space exploration with a new President elect, and will there be a President Trump?

Brewer’s research interests include social aspects of reported UFO sightings, alleged alien abduction, and the ways the UFO and intelligence communities overlap.  He posts credible information on incredible topics at his blog, The UFO Trail and is author of “The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community“.

Jack told of a childhood sighting of a spinning v-shaped object in North Carolina and how his mind became open to extraordinary subjects as a young boy.

He says more transparency is needed and that we can handle the truth on aliens and UFO’s.  Brewer says he doesn’t believe that the ET race is interacting with mankind, and does not buy into the hubrid, or human-alien hybrid theories.

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Plus Parabnormal News with the debuting Bella Scott filling in for Karissa Fleck: Break in the Amelia Earhart disappearance?  What’s that about a giant crack in Earth’s shield?  Plus, mass UFO sightings and mysterious “pinging” noises.

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