Ep. #220: Dr. Irena Scott, Ken Pfeifer


Dr. Irena Scott talks about investigating UFO’s from a scientific approach, identifying aircraft, visiting Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, hoaxers, the story of a Deputy Sheriff who saw alien bodies at Roswell and more in hours two and three.  Johnny from Oregon phoned in to inquire about a UFO crash in Brazil.

Scott is the author of “UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-up” and has worked for several organizations most heavily involved in the study of UFO’s.

In the first hour, MUFON investigator Ken Pfeifer shares UFO case files of sightings in Oregon, Iowa, Wyoming and England.  And we discuss the case of the Portland UFO sighting from April 26, 2017 that seems to have mysteriously disappeared from record.

Jeremy also discussed the eclipse, a study linking out-of-body experiences to ear problems, and dressing up as a Bigfoot.



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In Parabnormal News at the bottom of the hour, John Jeter reports on the Perseid meteor shower, a warning of Lizardmen and Bigfoot, an end of world theory, a study on the cause of OBE’s, mutant insects, and a meteor smacks into a back yard.

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  1. I was the individual who witnessed the Cascade, Iowa sightings. I took the picture (#1). I was just curious in reguard to the findings.

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