Ep. #232: D.B. Stearns, Ron Morehead


In a special four-hour program, D.B. Stearns returned to discuss the discovery of ancient mysteries, evolution and the various aspects of part two of his Harmonic Wars series, “Children of the Guardians“.

Ron Morehead shared his Bigfoot encounters, audio recordings of what he says are the sounds of Sasquatch and we discussed some of their characteristics.  He is author of “The Quantum Bigfoot“.

Jeremy talks about more breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, whatever happened to the Flat Earth rocket launch, and a mission to fight “Lizard” people.








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In Parabnormal News with John Jeter at the bottom of the hour: getting to the bottom of the Earth’s “hum”, a supermassive black hole, dark matter, a meteor lights up the sky and more.

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