Tag: Halloween

  • Ep. #406: Dead Air w/ San Diego Paranormal & Memphis Ghost Investigations

    On this All Hallows' Eve, we send shivers down your spine with bone-chilling encounters with the departed. Nicole Strickland and Ali Schreiber of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society share their investigations of haunted hotspots including the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe and the Queen Mary. Stephen Williams of Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue discusses the group's work in the specialized area of helping spirits move on.

  • Ep. #281: Mark Gober | Dr. Peter Sacco

    Our “Halloween Spook” continues with more stories and spooks, compelling evidence that the brain does not create consciousness and so much more to challenge what we think we know, Niagra's most haunted sites and investigating the paranormal as a criminal profiler.

  • Ep. #280: Varla Ventura | Kasey & Brad Wallis

    Tales of ghosts, seances, true hauntings. NDE's, EVP’s and more on our "Halloween Spook".

  • Ep. #227: Dr. Albert Taylor | Halloween Spook

    On Jeremy’s Halloween Spook, we delved into out-of-body experiences, astral travel and using robots to investigate the paranormal with Dr. Albert Taylor. Jeremy talked about belief in the paranormal, life after death, how to increase your chances of encountering a ghost and more.

  • Ep. #185: Brandon Callahan | Dr. David Newman

    More Halloween foolery is on tap with part two of Jeremy's ‘Parabnormal Halloween’ extravaganza. Brandon Callahan takes us to the northeast corner of Oklahoma at the end of the Trail of Tears, where one of the world’s largest clusters of ley lines intersect and there’s a place of extreme paranormal activity. Dr. David Newman discusses spiritual regression and progression, living in a haunted house, what the spirit world is like and how his work has changed his perception of death, ghosts, and hauntings.

  • Ep. #184: Adrian Lee | Rick Kueber

    It’s Jeremy’s three-hour ‘Parabnormal Halloween’ extravaganza with plenty of haunted stories. Adrian Lee takes us on a compelling tour of the Midwest’s most haunted historical sites that will send shivers down your spine as he recovers history from the lips of the dead. Rick Kueber returns to share the story of meeting a possessed entity head-on at abandoned house deep in the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

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