10 Halloween Short Stories For “Dead Air”

As part of tonight’s “Dead Air” broadcast, we present a collection of ten Halloween short stories.

Ghost Voter

Workers at a polling station in Argentina believe they were visited by a ghost. An elderly woman seemingly showed her identification and walked into a room to vote in the country’s presidential election this summer and then disappeared. Poll workers were waiting for her to come out. They knocked on the door but there was no response. Army personnel on site entered the room and much to their surprise, nobody was there. As for the ID, it was also missing. The woman appears to have vanished into thin air before the workers, members of the military and voters waiting in line.

Haunted Cell Phone

A U.K. woman has been tormented by her new cell phone. Odd activity began shortly after she brought it home. The woman says she woke up to a bright light shining from the phone night after night at the same time. Her phone received thousands of texts per day that repeated nearly every minute all day and night. She finally had enough, turned off the phone and put it in a drawer. The activity has seemed to stop… for now.

In Love With Ghosts

Two women who claimed they were in relationships with a ghost have dumped their phantom partners.

One from England says she fell in love with the ghost of a Victorian soldier who visited her home. A year after they were married, she called it quits, accusing “Edwardo” of cheating on her. The woman claims he’s putting on bizarre disguises and stalking her after their break-up. She says she’s had enough and now only wants to date men who have a pulse.

Another woman from Columbia says she had sex with a ghost every night for 20 years. Once she finally got a look at his face and discovered that he had fangs and looked like a gargoyle, she dumped the ghost and said she doesn’t want to be contacted again.

Ghost Rider

There wasn’t supposed to be anybody on the bus early in the morning. Then a driver in Singapore noticed someone apparently sitting in the upper deck. Surveillance video from the bus appears to show a figure in black in one of the seats with part of their body sticking out into the aisle. The driver goes to check it out. Nobody was there.

Ride-Hailing Ghost

A ride-share driver picked up a passenger at a hospital in Malaysia to take her to a cemetery of all places. There was a strong fragrance in the car. The passenger asked for the window to be lowered. When the driver arrived at the cemetery, he turned around and was shocked to see that nobody else was in the car. Left behind were old monetary notes and coins from days gone by.

Phantom Train

Two police officers in England say they heard the loud rumble of a train running on a rail line that no longer exists. It was getting closer and the leaves on trees began to blow. Then the sound of a train horn was heard. There once was a railway that ran behind the police station, but it hadn’t been in operation in decades.

Ghost On The Highway

Is the ghost of a famous musician in Argentina haunting the location of his death? Huguito Flores died in a head-on crash while traveling to perform at a festival. Video of a white anomaly near the scene has led people to speculate that it’s the ghost of the singer. As the witness drove past the scene, whatever it was vanished.

What The Well?

Searchers desperately tried to locate the source of cries for help that were coming from a well in Mexico. A man heard a woman’s plea for help from a drainage well about 20 feet deep. Police shouted to her and heard her cry out “Jaunita”. The fire department used special equipment to send a rescuer to the bottom of the well. To everyone’s surprise, there was no one around.

The Ghost Made Me Jump

A woman in Thailand nearly died after she jumped from a bridge into a canal saying a ghost compelled her to do so. Bystanders found the woman flailing in the water and pulled her to safety. She told her family that while riding her bike, she noticed a “man” dressed in white beckoning her to come over to him. She began to feel faint and heard him say, “I want you to die”. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the hospital. Two other people say hours before, they also encountered a peculiar-looking “man” who was there one moment and gone the next.

Not Dead Yet

Relatives of a woman who was declared dead in Ecuador were attending her wake at a funeral home when they started hearing strange sounds. Then she started knocking on her coffin. The woman had been brought into an emergency room unconscious and did not respond to resuscitation. A doctor declared her dead. The government is now investigating the hospital and how they issue death certificates.

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