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  • Ep. #418: Unidentified Flying Objects: A Volcanic Affair w/ Stephen Bassett & Darcy Weir

    Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir shine light on the history of UFO sightings around volcanic hot spots across Latin America as featured in “Volcanic UFO Mysteries“. Also the latest disclosure efforts.

  • Ep. #348: Disclosure – Hindsight 2020 w/ Stephen Bassett

    Stephen Bassett has the latest developments on UFO/ET disclosure and Jeremy looks at some recent news that makes him wonder.

  • Ep. #289: Sharon Daphna | Stephen Bassett

    Weather modification programs, chemtrails, how orgone energy is the solution to ending geoengineering, the UFO secrets that died with George H.W. Bush, and international disclosure efforts.

  • Ep. #203: Stephen Bassett | The Disclosure Activists

    Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group discusses taking his quest for ET/UFO disclosure over to London. Also, why it didn't happen under Obama or Hillary, the future of ending the truth embargo and more. Dr. Lisa Galarneau and Chad Laibly of the Disclosure Activists react to disclosure developments, the technologies involved that are so important to humanity, consciousness and alien visitations.

  • Ep. #181: Stephen Bassett

    Disclosure is a hot topic. Why hasn't it happened yet? Will it ever happen? And how would that look? Stephen Bassett talks about the implications of formal disclosure by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

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