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  • Ep. #400: Where There’s Smoke, There’s More Fire w/ Deborah Tavares

    Deborah Tavares exposes the high tech means being used to set wildfires, the vulnerabilities of the power grid and the plan to plunge humanity into darkness.

  • Ep. #397: A Survival State of Mind w/ James Ponder

    With people losing everything due to COVID-19, wildfires and natural disasters, and others fearing the worst because of climate change, nuclear war and EMP, survival has never been more crucial in modern days. James Ponder shares vital information on survival, disaster preparedness, the threat of electromagnetic pulse, directed energy weapons and more.

  • Ep. #396: Where There’s Smoke, There Is Fire w/ Elana Freeland

    Talk is spreading like wildfire that historic blazes in the west were intentionally set, whether by terrorists or directed energy weapons.  Is there evidence to support these claims?  We go searching for answers with Elana Freeland.

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