Ep. #396: Where There’s Smoke, There Is Fire w/ Elana Freeland


Talk is spreading like wildfire that historic blazes in the west were intentionally set, whether by terrorists or directed energy weapons.  Is there evidence to support these claims?  We go searching for answers with Elana Freeland.



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2 Replies to “Ep. #396: Where There’s Smoke, There Is Fire w/ Elana Freeland”

  1. Tionico

    Your comment about how “hot” some of the fires have gotten is amusing…. I have an account of one fire, some twenty years back, remember the Berkeley Hils Fire? I know perosnally exactely how and why that one started, and where. I also have from a first hand observer afterward, the Ground Zero home was inspected afterward…. the home had the aliminium frame windows… the inspectioni observed that a good bit of the aluminiumextrusion was VAPOURISED… not melted, VAPOURISED. That does not happenuntil 3300F is atained. Some of the concrete foundation was also melted….which takes about the same temperature. So the fire as it burned inside that home reached temps of at least 3300, perhpas quite a bit higher. KNOWING beyond any question how and why that fire started , there was nothing of the sort you alledge. My contact did not personally inspect in detailthe ther homes on that hilside, but a drive by revealed that most of them seemed to be reruns of the Ground Zero home. Testing rebealed, in the Ground Zero home, that the fire was so intense that the steel rebar in the poured foundationis had gotten hot enough, through the thick concrete, that it has lost its strenth, no longer doing what it was put in there todo.

    From another on the ground eyes on the remains in the Santa Rosa area report, he described many of the homes, some only a couple blocks from his own home as exhibiting many of the same characteristics observed at the Ground Zero home in the Berkeley Hils fire. . Similar descriptions came from the Columbia Gorge (BOnneville Dam area) fire of a couple years ago….. fires burnHOT….. It does not take anything more than fire itself…. nothingwierd about it at all…..

    By the way, MY take on the Deep State goes back a bit further than Kenedy’s assassination. Try going back at least to the former corporate railroad lawyer from Illinois…. HE trashed the Constitution far more thoroughly than any other president, and opened the door to the path on which we find ourselves now. And taht as way back before most of the magical stuff you’re talking about.

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