Ep. #348: Disclosure – Hindsight 2020 w/ Stephen Bassett


Stephen Bassett has the latest developments on UFO/ET disclosure and Jeremy looks at some recent news that makes him wonder.


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One Reply to “Ep. #348: Disclosure – Hindsight 2020 w/ Stephen Bassett”

  1. Zen Benefiel

    The ONLY way things are going to happen is WHEN PEOPLE CHANGE, not when the government changes. I get rather annoyed when I see projections of what the governments could do and see the fallacy of the assertions.

    People need to take responsibility and make choices to take action that is benevolent and productive – find candidates that are ethical and act in integrity when it comes to tough choices… and elect them. Isn’t that what an activist is also responsible to help promote?

    Sure, it will take some work and it may even be uncomfortable for many. Given the situation and the stranglehold of current elected officials, what else can we do? Mutiny or revolution doesn’t decide who’s right, only who’s left. This activity is about our sustainability as a human race, not just a few folks wanting control.

    People tend to want to stay away from groups and organizations, let alone release their stranglehold on their perceptions. We need to get over the resentment toward any of the actions, military or political. Do we need a bad guy to work against or can we shift our paradigm to seeing a ‘no fault’ clause emerge and just move forward?

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