UFO Crash in Brazil?


RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Videos have surfaced on Twitter in the past few days of a reported UFO crash just outside town.  Residents reported seeing objects the size of buses flying in formation at random speeds in zig-zagging patterns in the early morning hours of May 13th.

Locals say Brazilian Army helicopters went after the objects.  One began to descend rapidly, apparently crashing into the jungle.  This video shows a bright green light in the sky afterwards.

There were also reports of several explosions at the site.

The site was cordoned off by daybreak with helicopters flying above.  Drones have been shot down and reporters arrested for getting too close.

Brazil has quite the history with UFOs dating back nearly 100 years with reported sightings, landings, crashes, abductions, and even the reported capture of an extraterrestrial being in 1996 known as the Varginha UFO incident in Varginha, Brazil.


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