Ep. #385: Haunted By Demons w/ Nathaniel J. Gillis


Nathaniel J. Gillis shares the experiences he had as a child while living in a haunted house that inspired him to research the fields of demonology and the paranormal.  Jeremy believes more people are possessed in these times of coronavirus and cites an increase in exorcisms due to demonic activity.



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2 Replies to “Ep. #385: Haunted By Demons w/ Nathaniel J. Gillis”

  1. Michelle J Buchanan

    I just caught the last 5 minutes of listening to Nathaniel speaking on paranormal radio driving home from the sleep doctor, believe it or not for my sleep paralysis once again where my demon who is a shadow in the upper corner of my room sorta flies over sits on me for hours it seems till my Daughter hears me struggling and wakes me up. Then I see him with his red eyes in the corner by the ceiling right afterwards and I’m completely awake. My Daughter sleeps with me for the time being since I’m so frightened. This has happened every night for 3 months now. Anyway I pulled over when I heard this man talking so I can get all the information I could about him. As soon as I get home I will order his books and subscribe to any newsletters he may have, ect. I really truely understood everything he said, it all made sense to me. I have to say I went to a local store that gave me the run down for my religion of the items I needed and how to use them…I followed her directions & feel that the Sleep Paralysis has calmed down but also my Daughter was acting different. The whole reason I thought to go get the items is because I thought my Daughter was being attacked by something. Her anxiety was through the roof & She was so depressed she wouldn’t leave her room or talk to family members anymore, didn’t do her hair or make up even shower when she did her self up and showered every single day. So after I saged the 2nd time it seemed to get better and now she finally agreed after years of me pushing her to see a doctor for the anxiety & depression to go get help & is on medication for both. She will be 17 on August 24 the 2020. She can’t even go out and practice for her driving test without having a full blown panic attack that will last thru the night. I know Nathaniel has the answers so my kid can stop taking meds since she hates to & I can find out how to get her help and find support and a conclusion to all of her problems through Nathaniel’s life work.
    Thank You

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