Ep. #387: Dare To Share?


Do you have the guts?  Whatever strange, bizarre, tale of the extreme… let’s hear it!

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3 Replies to “Ep. #387: Dare To Share?”

  1. Monica Henry

    Hi jeremy, 58 F , quiet nice normal person,this year I’ve had 2 experiencessation that have changed me and I’m kind of freaked about,early may I seen a flying saucer bread daylight, July I seen a start die, you reaction to the ufo was and is odd and still affects me, the star also since recentlyrics learning the rarely of seeing a supernoval is, fml every day I wonDer why me? I often have fear about flying saucer,anyways I had ufo light sightings as a child 8 year old 11 year old 17 years old. Dare to call in isn’t as easy as u think
    Tyler Monica ontario canada

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