Ep. #410: The Purging of Humanity w/ Wajid Hassan


Wajid Hassan shares a life of mystical experiences which have shown him the way out of the current chaos enveloping the world and the “great change”.  Jeremy relates this to COVID-19 and the purging of humanity.



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4 Replies to “Ep. #410: The Purging of Humanity w/ Wajid Hassan”

  1. Monica Henry

    Hi jeremy , your last few shows have meant a lot to me, very grateful for finding your show , new listener , I seen a flying saucer early may that has changed me in a weird way hard to explain, anyways thank you very much

  2. greg mills

    enjoyed your program ” Purging of Humanity” with Hassan on the Internet.I am glad you gave this some honest exposure Jeremy.Wajids’ book The Struggle for World Sanity is worth a careful read.
    It is especially worth looking into into The Next Master is Coming available thru The Aetherius Society.
    Keep up the outstanding public work Jeremy.

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